I've been doing a lot more public speaking lately and it seems that I will continue to be doing so in the future. I really enjoy public speaking which is funny considering I used to hate it when I was in school.

I used to only be an attendee at conferences, but I've found it to be a lot more fun actually being a participant! My travel budget for conferences is limited so I generally only go to conferences that are on the west coast. However if you're interested in sponsoring me for a conference please let me know!

Here's a list of talks I have coming up and a few that I have done recently.

Upcoming Conference Talks


Past Conference Talks


2015 Devops for University Students (slides)
2015 Packer: VM Image Automation (slides)
2015 OpenStack vs. Ganeti (slides)
2013 GlusterFS at OSUOSL (Gluster Workshop)
2012 Hands-on Virtualization with Ganeti (slides part #1) (slides part #2)
2012 Ganeti Web Manager: Cluster Management Made Simple
2011 Hosting Open Source Projects at the OSUOSL (html) (pdf)
2010 Creating a low-cost clustered virtualization environment using Ganeti (html)


2013 Ganeti Web Manager (pdf)
2013 Deploying Instances Dynamically (pdf)


2013 Lessons Learned in the OSUOSL Puppet Migration
2013 (PuppetCampLA) Lessons Learned in the OSUOSL Puppet Migration (slides)


Additionally, I co-taught CS312 Linux System Administration in the Spring of 2009 at Oregon State University with Jeff Sheltren. The entire course content (lectures, homework, exams) are available for download under a Creative Commons license. We aren't teaching it in the 2010 school year but hoping to do it again sometime in the future.