I am a native of Northeast Kansas and lived most of my life in the wonderful sunflower state. I grew up on a corn/soybeans farm near Hiawatha, KS where my family farms around 1800 acres. I attended Kansas State University and got a degree in Agriculture Technology Management. I also received minors in Agronomy and Computer Science at K-State.

Picture of Lance playing a trumpet

In June of 2007, I took a huge leap of faith and moved to Oregon. I left my whole family and most of my friends behind to take on a dream job at Oregon State University. Currently I'm the Director at the OSU Open Source Lab and help make sure important open source projects keep their servers running!

Professional Career

My professional career started at RHS, Inc. in Hiawatha, KS in 2003 as a security analyst and all around tech guru guy. Believe it or not, but I was also a farmer and worked with my dad while I had my IT job at RHS. It seemed quite strange being in IT and farming at the same time. In 2005 I moved back to Manhattan, KS and worked for the Enterprise Server Technologies group at K-State as a full-time UNIX Admin. While there I was involved in many projects some including campus email. In 2007 I was blessed by the opportunity of getting my dream job at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab as their lead system administrator till February 2012. Starting in March 2012 I took on a new role as Associate Director of Operations and then Director in January 2013. I drive many of the hosting, development and outreach initiatives of the OSU Open Source Lab.

Open Source

In the digital world, I've been involved with Gentoo Linux since 2003 helping maintain and design their server infrastructure. I haven't been helping them as much in the last few years but I still help them out when I can. I also help maintain a few packages in Gentoo which is a lot of fun! Getting involved with Gentoo was the catalyst that got me really getting involved in online communities and open source.

Its actually because of my involvement with Gentoo that got me to where I am today. Gentoo was one of the first projects hosted by the OSL back when it started and I got to know quite a few of the OSL'ers back then. Its funny to think I went from being a client to the provider! It's certainly amazing the networking connections you can attain via online friends.


While I K-State, I was a member of the KSU Marching Band for four years and played mellow phone, flugel horn and trumpet (not at the same time obviously). Being in the KSUMB was probably the most important decisions I've ever made in my life. It opened me up to a great group of friends, leadership skills, networking and so much more. I also became a member of the Epsilon Pi chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi at KSU and did volunteer work to help support the marching band.

Jazz music has always been important to me and I treat it was a gift for me to express myself in completely different way than normal. I've been playing trumpet since the 5th grade and I have yet to stop playing! I had the pleasure of playing in several jazz ensembles at K-State. As a student, I was in Lab A, Concert Jazz Ensemble (the premier band) and the Latin Jazz Ensemble. When I returned back to K-State with my UNIX career, I returned to the jazz scene and played in Lab B for several years and helped mentor young jazz students.

Currently I play trumpet in The Infallible Collective, a Corvallis-based jazz combo that has been an amazing experience for me. We play a wide range of tunes including standards, fusion, to original songs we've even come up with. We usually play once or twice a month in or around the Corvallis area.

RC Flying

In late 2010 I started getting into RC flying starting with micro helicopters and moving into micro airplanes. As time progressed, I acquired bigger planes and a better radio. I've been trying to find a new hobby that doesn't require computers and actually gets me outside and now I have! I really enjoy going out and flying my planes. So far I've been getting aircraft primarily from Horizon Hobby (which I highly recommend for starters). You can check out some photos on my flickr stream and on my youtube channel from my recently flying activities.