Lead OSUOSL Developer Peter Krenesky has written an excellent blog post going over how the permission system works in Ganeti Web Manager. A key feature I'm looking forward to using more at the OSUOSL is managing our clusters with the following scenarios:

  • Fully managed - users have no access at all. Only admins can create, reboot, or modify.
  • Partially managed - users can’t create virtual machines, but they have some limited ability to manage them.
  • Self Service - users can create virtual machines on demand. They can create and manage their own virtual machines as needed.
  • User Managed Cluster - a user has control of an entire cluster.

The permission system in GWM will enable Ganeti cluster admins the ability to manage each cluster and virtual machine in finer detail. Ganeti by itself doesn't come with any sort of user access management system, nor should it really. It makes sense to build tools like GWM on top of Ganeti to deal with such situations. I hope to see more features and bug fixes related to the permissions and quota system.

I'd love to see some feedback on how we implemented the system and how we can improve it!


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