Beer and Blog at Fireworks was awesome tonight! Thanks so much to Ocean for getting the pizza's lined up for us. It never ceases to amaze me about the tech community here in Corvallis. It may be smaller than Portland, but its certainly just as full of energy and ideas!

Fireworks Restaurant

Tonight I overheard some discussions about getting other user groups going on a more regular basis centered around ideas created at Beer and Blog. I'm excited to hear new ideas like this coming out of these meet ups. It was certainly one of the goals and hopes I had when I decided to organize. Related to that, I'm planning on heading up to Portland on Saturday and help at the Calagator code sprint. While I don't plan on helping with much coding, I do hope to get some feedback on some usability questions I had regarding a Corvallis Calagator based site I was working on. The Corvallis tech community is facing the same problems Portland had, but on a much smaller scale. There's getting to be more and more events happening and people need an easy way to track it.

I'm actually hoping to utilize Calagator as more of a community driven calendar that includes events such as live music, arts events, and other community related events. While I'm personally interested in a unified live music calendar, I'd love to see it used for a more wide range of events.

But back to Beer 'n Blog tonight! It almost turned into a disaster for me tonight. I had just gotten to Fireworks when my pager started going off in a frenzy. By the end of it, my iPhone had about 100 text messages on it. I soon noticed that a group of servers in a set of racks next to each other appeared to have a power failure of some kind. Thankfully one of my students was still at work and took care of it. Almost everything came back online without any help from us which is amazing. I'm still waiting on the full story on what happened but it appears one of the electricians working on the power upgrade had tripped something on the power rail those servers were on. Talk about a headache! :(

Even though we didn't have a real "topic" driven session tonight, I think a lot of people got help with their blogs and learned a few new tricks! Next week we'll have Dawn Foster from Portland at Cloud 9 for a talk about Yahoo Pipes. I can't wait!


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